Why Choose Karmax

12 Great Reason Why Choose Karmax

  • Low, No-Hassle Prices

    Get a fair price up front without spending hours negotiating for it.

  • 180 + Point Inspection

    Each car get rigorous inspection by our professional mechanical & technician.

  • Every Car is Reborn

    Here at Karmax, Every car undergoes makeover ones it becomes our family member. If any Mechanical / Electrical work is made up to date. All Cars are Thoroughly Interior cleaned & Exterior polished, coolant top up, Oil Change, Tyre Pressure checked, Viper Blade checked, Head lights to Tail Lights all are updated.

  • All Cars Under One Roof

    Place your request for your car & your wait would be worth it. Find all cars, all Models under one roof, we are Specific just like you when you are purchasing.

  • We will Buy your car even if you don’t buy Ours ? ®

    We will buy any car we appraise, regardless of its make, mileage, or condition. And your offer will be the same whether you buy from us or not. Bring in your car today!

  • Guarantee Certification

    Here you get in written that car is 100% Non-Accidentally & 100% Non-Tampered Meter Certification, which no road side dealers claim to issue it.

  • Flexible Finance Option

    We have tie up with Variety of banks to provide the best possible financing option only for you as per your requirement with fast processing.

  • Full Vehicle History Report

    Every Car before we make it ours, we do a background check to make sure that car is non-accident / no theft of that particular car / any warrant issued in car, cross check from local RTO & from the Comp. for its Mileage.

  • Decision Making

    We strongly recommend drive all around the town last come to us. Then just analyze what market had to offer & what we are offering.

  • No Car with Flood or Frame Damage

    Not every car looks good is good. We are confident in the safety & reliability of our vehicles because our technicians are trained to detect those with hidden damages.

  • Just Drive don’t look Back?

    Once you buy any car you have to just drive & not worry about the car. Just get its general check up done after 8000 Kms change of Oil & Coolant top up.

  • Backup Service

    Even after Months or Years you would call us for backup service we will stand by your side & be at your assistance.

  • Experience that’s measured in millions

    There’s simply no Substitute for what we have learned about cars & what you want when it comes to buying & selling cars. That’s why we are Mumbai’s # 1 Used Car Retailer.

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