100% Non Accident , Non Tampered (Genuine KM ) Certified Cars


Karmax was established in 1998, by Mr. Pranesh Kerkar Professionally A Mechanical Engineer. When the company was started, the vision of Karmax was to provide cars at affordable price with genuine quality.  Since 2004, Karmax started Certifying all the cars for being 100% Non-Accident & 100% Non-Tampered Meter Car Certification. Today Karmax is Rated No.1 by Google in Used Cars in Mumbai Zone. Having Highest Customer Satisfaction Feedback over years.

Non Accident

All Cars have manufacturing seals intact, Original Manufacturing Glass Dates, Original manufacture Tyre Date.

Genuine Mileage

Kilometers are Genuine and cross checked with company and owners and taken in written.

Quality Culture

Not all Cars become part of our family, we are choosy just like you with zero maintenance work.

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