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Mercedes-E Class-280 CDi-Avantagrde-Special Edition-T.Grey-2009-14,000 Kms.


The E350 Avantgarde (W212) is the latest generation of the Mercedes Benz E-Class which began its journey with the 170 V in 1947. The widely sold ones in the E-Class generation models were the W123 and W124 sold in the late 1970s, 80s and early 1990s respectively. After these came the W210, which officially made its debut in India with the help of Telco (a joint venture between Tata and Mercedes-Benz).The W210 pioneered the new look with twin-oval headlamps in the E-family.


Model: E CLASS
Version: 280 CDi-Avantagrde-Special Edition
Make Year: 2009
Make Month: July
Color: T. Grey
Kms: 14000
No of Owners: 1
Registration No: MH-02-BM-986
Insurance: Comprehensive
Car Status: Sold
Registration Place: Mumbai
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