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Hyundai-Verna-1.6 Sx Option-Pure White-2013-8,000 Kms.


Hyundai Fluidic Verna 4S, is one of the best bets of Hyundai in Mid Sedan Segment. 2016 Model represents – Safety, Style, Speed and Sophistication – all in one go.

Available in both Petrol and Diesel – Manual and Automatic Transmission – in 1.4 Litre to 1.6 Litre Engine – Verna offers range of Choice – from Fuel Efficiency to Top Notch Features

Powered by 1.6 Litre VTVT Petrol Engine – Peak Power Output is 123 PS Power with 158 NM Torque – the 1.6 Litre Engine offers Great Pickup, Power Terrain Performance for High Speed Driving and Fun. Improved Ride Quality with Firmed up Suspension along with Top Notch Interiors – all makes – Hyundai Verna 1.6 an Excellent Buy

1.6 Litre Petrol Engine comes in 3 Model Variants in Manual Transmission – with Sx Top End comes Fully Loaded with 6 Airbags – which no other Mid Sedan Car has as of now. Its a Fully Loaded Car for those – who seek the Best of Style, Safety yet Low Maintenance and Mileage as an important parameter.

Model: VERNA
Version: 1.6 Sx Option
Make Year: 2013
Make Month: October
Color: Pure White
Kms: 8000
No of Owners: 1
Registration No: MH-02-DG-1567
Insurance: Comprehensive
Car Status: Sold
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