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BMW 320D Corporate-Black-2011-31,000 Kms.


The BMW 320d Corporate Edition the base 3-series model, is now available to individuals for a mouth watering price of Rs. 23.95 lakh (ex-showroom). The Corporate Edition was previously available only to fleet customers, essentially hotels or large corporate companies (hence the name) and a minimum of three vehicles had to be ordered. However, BMW has decided to expand the reach of its 3-series by offering the base version to a single or individual buyer as well.

A small but significant change in the 320d Corporate Edition for individuals is the inclusion of a semi-electric  driver’s seat which adjusts electrically for height and recline (forward and backward adjustment is still manual), unlike the Corporate Edition for fleet owners which had full manual adjust and nothing electric.

Unlike the fully loaded 320d Highline, there is no sunroof and CD changer – only a single CD player is available. Also, the Corporate Edition has no wood garnishing but simple black trim and fabric seats. However, these are small concessions to make since the Corporate Edition is a massive Rs. 10 lakh cheaper than the Highline and is incredible value for money.

Make: BMW
Model: 320D Corporate
Make Year: 2011
Make Month: February
Color: Black
Kms: 31000
No of Owners: 1
Registration No: MH-02-CB-7999
Insurance: Comprehensive
Car Status: Sold
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